Kuzco’s Poison

May 17, 2021 | Abraham Slabs, The Groove Sector | 0 comments

5.10c, 122m, 70m rope, 12 quickdraws

FA: Andrew Abel & Nathaniel Johnson

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Kuzco’s Poison

Kenton Klassen on the 2 pitch of Kuzco’s Poison

Abraham Lakes – The Groove Sector

This route is located two pitches up on the large plateau on “The Groove” at Abraham Slabs in the David Thompson Corridor. Route and approach descriptions for The Groove can be found in the David Thompson Corridor Rock Climbing guidebook printed by the David Thompson Climbing Association. Climb the first two pitches of the groove to a huge plateaued treed ledge.


Abraham Slabs is located on Mt. Abraham along the David Thompson highway about 5 minutes east of the “David Thompson Resort” and is easy to spot from the highway. Look for a large flagged cairn (52.244542, -116.439119)on the north side of the highway.


Kuzco’s Poison

Kenton Klassen on the 2 pitch of Kuzco’s Poison

Pitch 1: 5.7, 20 m

Climb the First pitch of the Groove up to a 2 bolt anchor with quick links

Pitch 2: 5.7, 20 m

Climb the 2nd pitch of the Groove up to the huge ledge with 2 rap ring hangers.

Pitch 3: 5.10c

Move your station 10 meters over on the ledge to another 2 rap ring hangers. Climb up on easy ground that eventually gives way to 2 tricky committing cruxes that deposit you under the roof. Once under the roof pull through it using perfect in cut crimps which lead up to a nice ledge and a chain station.

Pitch 4: 5.10b, 25 m

Climb up to a daunting looking roof only to find deep pockets that get you through and deposit you back onto the techy slab. Climb up for a couple draws till you get into 2 opposing water runnels and stem your way up the water runnels to a nice ledge and a bolted chain station over to your left on a decent sized ledge. (pictured)

Pitch 5: 5.10c, 35 m

Head right into a water runnel which you will lay back and stem until it peters out and then step right into another water runnel and continue laybacking and stemming up that until you reach a nice ledge system. The chain station is up and next to a small tree.


Rap the route all the way back down to the ledge and then rap from the ledge back down the groove. Alternatively walk off down the backside of Abraham Slabs, or rap back down to the ledge and climb The Emperor’s New groove

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