David Thompson

Enough is enough.

After much frustration and dismay about the trash accumulation in the David Thompson Corridor we decided to do something about it. The DTC is vast and user maintained so we’ve created a platform for people to take care of the area and to connect with other recreationists who love our west country. 

September 25, 2021, 10:30 am
Pinto Lake Staging Area

Prizes & celebration to follow!

Make and Impact: Get Involved!

What to expect:

Upon arrival you will be given a map to a designated area.

A volunteer leader will greet you and assist you with directions should you need it. Please bring back all garbage to be taken out and weighed!

After the clean up we will meet back at for prizes, food, and a presentation from our local Conservation Officer.

If you need any more info or want to contact us please feel free to follow us on the following platforms:

Event Details

Pinto Lake Staging Area

25 Minutes West of Windy Point, AB, just past the Cline River Bridge

From Nordegg Drive West along the David Thompson Highway (Highway 11) for 50 KM. A few km after you pass the David Thompson Resort, you will go over the Cline River bridge. About a kilometre after the bridge, turn RIGHT off the highway and follow the gravel road in and to the right to the large gravel pit parking area. 


September 25th, 2021

10:30 am: Meeting at the staging area. Garbage bags and gloves will be provided for those who attend.

1:00 pm: We will meet back at the staging area to give out prizes from our sponsors.

There are cleanups planned for the spring and fall. Check here or on facebook for dates!

What to bring

Most important: yourself!

Bring clothes for weather that can change quickly!

A garbage “picker” stick if you prefer and reusable gloves if you do not like the disposable ones we have for offer.

Please bring a mask in case you end up working closely with someone outside of your family group.

The Semi-Annual David Thompson Clean up is organized by Jordyn Hansen & Konstantin Stoletov from the David Thompson Climbing Association.

Jordyn Hansen

Jordyn Hansen

My need to be among the mountains started early. I grew up running through the forests of the west country with my brother donning a Davey Crockett inspired hat. My Dad would tell me stories about how brave and wise the wildlife is, stories that I now relay to younger generations.

 I didn’t grow up climbing, I started only four years ago. When I was working in New Zealand I suffered a life changing injury that lead me to climbing. Since then the pursuit of climbing has consumed my life. I moved home (Central Alberta) nearly two years ago and began climbing in the DTC. It felt so good to be home.

To see the places you love disintegrate is disheartening, thats why I felt called to action. These landscapes are sacred and will change you, so, taking responsibility for and protecting the places I love feels as natural as breathing.

Konstantin Stoletov

Konstantin Stoletov

I moved to Canada eight years ago from California where I called Joshua Tree and Sierra Nevada my home.  Before that, I spend a few years clipping rusty pins in Gunks, NY or exploring the caves in my home country, Russia. First thing that got me blown away when I moved to Alberta is the potential for new route development. Ashlar ridge, Jasper National Park was my first love where I put up three big sport multi-pitches. Three years ago, I came for ice climbing to Nordegg area and was not able to leave. The walls of David Thomson corridor have some craziest future lines and I am happy to drive here every weekend from Edmonton and be a part of the birth of a new climbing hot spot. Future Canadians 5.14 and 5.15 climbers will frequent these places and will thank us for our efforts. I am happy to be a part of David Thomson Climbers Clean Up to help make this possible!

In Memoriam: Andrew Abel

In Memoriam: Andrew Abel

My love of the outdoors was brought to life at an early age from being a part of a family that instilled within me a sense of wonder and love for the natural beauty that surrounds us. I grew up spending countless hours, hiking, fishing, canoeing, cross country skiing, and scrambling. It wasn’t until later in life after a great personal loss that I became enveloped in the world of climbing. It has been my passion ever since, and I love the personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth that I gain by spending time in the mountains with trusted partners and with clients when I am guiding. I sincerely believe in the healing and personal growth that the mountains facilitate within us, and it has become my life goal to help share that facilitation with others. I believe taking responsibility for the areas I love is one of the many ways I can give back.

Corridor Clean-Up Sponsors

  • All Out Climbing
  • Alloutkids.com
  • camp brand goods
  • Canadian tire rocky mountain house
  • Clearwater County
  • eleven west clothing
  • Girth Hitch Guiding
  • high horse coffee co
  • mike wiseman realtor
  • Pursuit Adventures
  • Redpoint Creative
  • Trailhead Climbing + Fitness

Come Join With Us In Caring for the Corridor!

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